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ELDORADO is an immersive and generative installation, an audacious quest towards a new, uncharted territory, both in the visual and auditory fields. It is a graphic, musical, and narrative symphony where algorithms weave a constant dance of improvisation.


I began exploring the world of NFTs in 2020, during a study on the environmental impact of blockchains. My goal was to find a platform that would allow me to create NFTs while minimizing their impact on the environment. I was also seeking a platform that would democratize the digital art market, giving more power to the community rather than a single dominant entity.


Transmutation(s) offers the audience an immersive journey that dreamily reflects the past, present, and future of the Transfert site in Rezé and its surroundings. In this work, three organic views interact, each day feeding off new data to create, over time, universes in perpetual motion where architecture and nature, landscapes and materials, hybridize.

Projet Curieux

The Curieux Project is a poetic exploration of the interplay between man and science, meticulously crafted by a team of passionate doctoral scholars and the digital artist, Laurent La Torpille. This masterpiece graced the stage during the illustrious Night of Researchers in 2017, an esteemed gathering orchestrated by the François Bonamy Federative Research Structure (SFR Santé).

BuBBle Story

BuBBle Story transforms into a unique playground where children can, through their movements and presence, merge colors, shapes, and waves. Alone or in a group, they experiment in a playful and recreational manner with the transformations of shapes and colors induced by their movements.

13 Septembre 1858

In the context of the exhibition titled "Hamburg / New York, The Austria, A Disaster in the Atlantic," Nantes artist Laurent La Torpille was commissioned to create a unique piece, anchored in one of the most catastrophic shipwrecks in history.

Mort(s) aux frontières

The dead pile up on Europe's shores and reach our capitals. The numbers reveal the macabre ballet unfolding at the borders of fortress Europe. By employing statistics, their position in space, their intensity, their absurdity, this sound installation traces two decades of raw and cold data. A final requiem, offering a musical note to each of the tragic fates of every human being hidden behind the numbers.

La Bande Passante

This digital installation offers a sensory and spatial plunge into the sound spectrum. This immersion gives spectators the opportunity to explore and reinterpret the musical composition in real time.


ARCHIFLEX sets itself apart with its generative approach. Instead of drawing inspiration directly from the real world, I used mathematical principles and code to generate graphic representations. This graphic research is intrinsically linked to work on geometry and urban planning, with particular attention paid to master plans in architecture, which are a major source of inspiration for my project.

+rosebud no.6 - IDEAL: A Quest. 

ARCHIFLEX, 'the way of life', is constructed from codes and mathematics. In my eyes, the visualization and design of these codes evoke a birth. The birth of a new paradigm of thought."
It is with great pride and immense joy that I have been selected to appear in this renowned publication.


Operating as a pixel tracer, LifeGraph leaves visible traces of its viral propagation, transforming itself into a graphic generator that gives birth to an unexpected universe.


VisuX is an interactive installation designed to provide a unique visual and auditory experience. It can operate autonomously, allowing viewers to appreciate it as a traditional piece of art. However, what sets VisuX apart is the opportunity for the viewer to become an active participant in the artwork.

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